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About Us

Join us on the patio or in our brick-accented dining room! Doc's Wine & Food specialize in a niche Creole cuisine that features fresh seafood, oysters and pasta with a special attention to wine pairing. 

Our philosophy is to give our guests an experience in an atmosphere where they can be comfortable to enjoy food, drinks and service without formality or pretension. Creole flavors, fresh seafood, wine, cocktails and seasonal offerings round out our delicious menu dotted with unique, fresh flavors. 

About Chef Erick Del Valle

Chef Erick Del Valle was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.  Erick discovered his interest of the culinary world while working for his dad’s software company during high school.  Erick would help his dad set up point of sales systems and printers in restaurants and businesses in the area.  It was one customer, and good friend of the family, that took notice of Erick’s curiosity in what went on in the back of the house of the restaurant.  The family friend offered him an internship after high school and that is where Erick’s culinary talents began to unfold.  His romance with cooking quickly escalated.

Erick moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in search of ways to absorb more culinary knowledge and experience getting a bachelor’s degree in Gastronomy.  Erick had success in Buenos Aires working as a chef at some of Argentina’s finest restaurants and as a business partner with a catering company. Opportunity came knocking at Erick’s door to take his passion out to sea with one of the most elite culinary cruise lines, Princess Cruises.

It was Erick’s brother, who is a long time Tulsa resident, who encouraged Erick to move to Tulsa and let him introduce him to Tulsa’s culinary world.  In 2016 he made the move and has since worked at The Chalkboard, Tulsa Club Hotel and Doc’s Wine and Food.

Erick says that he is inspired by just bringing happiness to people and wants them to experience the same emotions and feelings he has through food. “There is no specific kind of food I only want to cook.  There are so many styles of cooking, so to me It is about having respect for the ingredients that I have in front of me, in that moment.  To be able to have the freedom and put my emotions in to what I am putting out there, is happiness to me,” says Chef Erick.
Erick promises that he will give Doc’s Wine and Food, and all their guests, 100% of him – to make their experience unique.